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Congratulations and thank you for purchasing this product .I know you will be at ease now . Before I can give you a complete breakdown of this system , let me tell you of my background . I came from a family with majority of our relatives , diagnosed with this chronic disease . I even seen it's destruction , amputations, blindness and stroke and many instances death. Some might take this lightly the one's that experiences it's pain knows the best. I was even warned at early childhood that prevention is better than cure but this proved to be fatally wrong .


I began my research when i was first diagnosed and I have found a breakthrough in making the glucose levels in your body remain at a normal level . This is what I share with you . For me to share this with you I first must explain to you what is diabetes ? 


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is the inbalance of glucose levels in the body. The pancreas in our bodies creates insulin that converts the glucose to energy which is burned out through our body . When our pancreas fails to create insulin , it becomes overworked or it does not produce any insulin then the foods that we eat is converted to glucose and since our body now does not produce any or not enough insulin then our glucose levels is at a constant rise . Once you understand this then you understand yourself better and your epidemic.


In maintaining a normal glucose level will include a change in your lifestyle together with your new eating plan , not diet . Understanding and maintaining your new eating habits .

First you should decide how much you should eat each day .

Are you : a small built man or a woman who excercises , or a small to meduim woman who wants to lose weight or a medium woman who does not excercise much   THEN you are allowed 1250 - 1600 calories per day . This comprises of 6 starches plus 3 vegetables plus 2 fruits plus 2 milk and yogurt plus 2 meats or meat substitute and up to 3 fats a day .


Are you : a woman who wants to lose weight or a small man at a healthy weight or a meduim man that does not excercise or a large man who wants to lose weight  THEN you are allowed 1600 - 2050 calaries per day . This comprises of 8 starches plus 4 vegetables plus 3 fruits plus 2 milk and yogurt plus 2 meat or meat substitute and up to 4 fats .


Are you : a meduim to large man who excercises a lot or a large man with a healthy weight  or a large woman who is trying to lose weight and excercises a lot THEN  you are allowed 2000 - 2450 calories per day . This comprises of 10 - 11 starches plus 4 vegetables plus 3 fruits plus 2 milk and yoghurt plus 2 meat or meat substitute and up to 5 fats .

Example of serving of fats - this is equavalent to one strip of bacon or one teaspoon of oil  and one serving of sweets is equal to a cookie or a plain doughnut or a tablespoon of syrup .

Example of serving of milk is equavalent to a cup of fat free or low fat yoghurt or 1 cup skimmed or low fat milk .

Example of serving of vegetables is equavalent to half a cup of cooked carrots or a half a cup cooked green beans or a cup of salad .

Example of serving of starches is equavalent to a slice of bread or one small potato or half a cup cooked cereal or a small corn .

Example of serving of meat is equavalent to 60 to 90 grams cooked lean meat , chicken or fish , the size of a palm { size of deck of cards } or an egg or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter .

Example of serving of fruit is equavalent to a small apple or half a cup juice or half grapefruit. 


Keeping your glucose levels low

From the illustrations above you can derive that where you fit into a eating habit . As a diabetic you will feel thirsty so you should at least drink 6 glasses of water a day . This helps to clean your respitory system .


Our Secret

The only thing that I have found to date that keeps your levels down is Yoghurt , there is only one type that I recommend for diabetics . I have tried all types of yoghurt but only one reduces your glucose levels and I have discovered the only way to reduce your glucose levels is to increase your yoghurt intake .

If you are skeptical dont worry try it for 30 days and take your glucose reading every two to three days and you will see for yourself this works . Try not to have any sweets , chocalates or cookies . Do not exceed your required amount of cookies . You are only allowed one , you can have one or none .

Lactose Intolerance Yoghurt

The only yoghurt that is recommended to diabetics is the Lactose intolerance yoghurt , it is the yoghurt that is sugar free , it is sour and it is low fat . I know the other yoghurts tastes nice but this will too . Buy a litre of this yoghurt which you will find at your local grocer and buy green apples , the one with the green skin not the red . The green apples is also sour and sweet .

In the morning cut 1 apple into pieces with the skin , dont or never peel of the skin of the apple . Add three tablespoons of yoghurt . Mix and you are ready to go . This should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening after dinner . If you want you can have an extra portion for lunch . This eliminates cravings .  As long as you stick to your new eating habits and you have the green apples with yoghurt , your glucose levels will remain normal , because this yoghurt burns the glucose levels in your blood. Abstain from eating sweets or anything with high glucose content .


PLEASE NOTE :  Please take your current medication as you normally do .






Some of the proceeds from this site is donated in finding better medical ways for diabetics and assists the medical industry . I thank you buy purchasing this system you are in your own way helping other diabetics in the years to come .


Refunds are only given to those who have tried this system for a full 30 days and had no or very little sugar intake in 30 days and the levels is still high .


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